We can supply different types of concrete such as:

  • Standard Concrete from 1,000 – 9,000 psi
  • Cement Treated Base (CTB)
    ideal for foundation of concrete pavements.
  • Soil Cement (Cement Stabilized Soils)
    ideal for foundation of asphalt roads, chip sealed roads and as replacement for base course aggregates used in rural roads/access roads/plantation roads.
  • Specialty Concrete / Customized Concrete
    we can produce specialty concretes such as RCC, Flowable Fill, etc. Let us know what exactly are your specialized needs and we will work with our cement company partner to formulate these.



For large scale projects, we can also go into special arrangements with our clients. These include:

  • Mixing Services / Owner Supplied Materials (OSM) Arrangements Our clients provide all the materials required. We charge ‘mixing fee’ only. This is particularly interesting for clients that can get their materials (cement, aggregates) direct from suppliers at volume/discounted rates.
    We also provide the requisite support equipments needed including a loader, water truck, and silo (if needed).
  • Equipment Rental Our units can be rented on a monthly/yearly basis inclusive of our operators and support equipment. This obviates the client’s need to set up their own batching plant (which require ECC).