Frequently Asked Questions

No, we only sell concrete and/or provide mixing services (for large projects).

We are acquiring 14 units that will be deployed anywhere our clients wish us to operate.

Our units are extremely mobile. These can be deployed anywhere in the Philippines.

Price of our concrete will depend on the area, and respective prices of cement and aggregates. Generally, we will be priced competitively. The big advantage is that our concrete is always freshly mixed.

No, volumetric mixers proportion the components using volume (i.e. cubic meters). Our mixers use load cells to weigh the components before mixing. Hence, our mixers are far more accurate in following the design mix for concrete.

Our units are manufactured in Italy. Manufacturer has been producing mobile mixers since 1983.

Volumetric Mixers (VM) have been around for over 50 years, and are very popular in western countries (USA, Europe). In fact in the UK, 10% of the market are already served by these types of mobile mixers. Our mixers are considered the ‘next generation volumetric mixers’ because it is truly an improvement to the much older volumetric mixers.

This will depend on how the operation will be set up. If our unit will be set up at the site, and materials will be delivered on site, our mixer can produce 15-25m3/hr. However, if our mixer will only deliver concrete to the client’s site, our mixer can only deliver 8-9m3/trip. The mixer will then have to reload materials from a nearby source.

Most of our mixers are identical allowing us to maintain a very simple parts inventory. This enables us to fix any problem quickly. In the event that a unit can not be fixed within 48 hours, we will immediately send another unit.

We can arrange for paid demonstrations at your site. Client to provide materials.

Yes, we value that. Please contact us.